Jardins suspendus – A new work combining immersive installation and aerial dance

Created by artistic directors and choreographers Claire Jeannot and Geneviève Lauzon, this interdisciplinary work has two components: a daytime immersive installation and a contemporary aerial dance performance in the evening. The work explores human connection and invites us to understand others through dialogue and the poetry of movement.

A tree crafted from clothing rises in the centre of the plaza and invites visitors to stroll through its dangling vines. The colourful and fascinating installation comes to life when people are present: they trigger an audio track of testimonials about encountering others. This ephemeral world is the product of cultural outreach workshops held earlier this summer, where participants discussed the emotions and feelings sparked by human contact. What makes an encounter meaningful to us? How do we communicate with others using nonverbal language? The public is invited to listen as the creators play back the voices of around 40 citizens of various ages and socio-cultural backgrounds.

In the evening, at 6 and 7:30 pm, two free performances will be presented. Characters awaken at the four corners of the plaza. Through the performers’ movements, a communication system emerges and bonds are formed among them in an ordinary yet surprising microcosm. The audience becomes part of the 360-degree work, in which connections are formed by playing with gravity.

August 25 to 28, 2022
Immersive installation: 11:00am to 9:00pm
Performances: 6:00pm and 7:30pm
Free at Place de la Paix, Quartier des Spectacles

More information visit: www.quartierdesspectacles.com

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