14th Edition

Festival AfroMonde – The “Living Together” Festival

Uniquely multicultural, Festival AfroMonde brings together communities from here and far to celebrate Africa and the Caribbean through humour, dance, and musical performances.

Rising as a major player in Montreal’s artistic and cultural scene, this free festival is all about cultural exchanges, celebrating diversity and tolerance and, above all, promoting the richness and unique character of African culture’s creative arts. Come explore the splendour of AfroMonde’s communities and cultures!

A rich and varied program is offered: songs, traditional and modern dances, tales from here and elsewhere, fun activities, culinary discoveries, an awareness campaign on the advantages and challenges of “living together”, economic kiosks, musical performances with a world-renowned artist invited each year, a carnival and much more!

At the Clock Tower Quay, Old-Port of Montreal

For more information visit: www.afromonde.ca

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