City Cruises Gananoque, the oldest and largest cruise line in the 1000 Islands, kicks off their 2022 season May 7th.

City Cruises GananoqueWith five vessels — ranging in size from 350 to 500 passengers — plying the waters and weaving through the archipelago where Lake Ontario empties into the St. Lawrence River, City Cruises Gananoque (formerly known as Gananoque Boat Line) offers five different cruises, each offering a unique and unforgettable experience.

“The beauty of the 1000 Islands is unparalleled,” says Mory Dimaurizio, Chief Operating Officer of City Cruises in Canada. “Explore the history of lost ships, enjoy breathtaking views and visit the magnificent Boldt Castle. A cruise through the 1000 Islands is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.”

On May 7th, City Cruises Gananoque will launch its Original Hart, Depths and Discovery and Boldt Castle tours from its Gananoque port, while the Landmarks cruise will launch from its Ivy Lea port. The Sunset cruises will start June 25th.

Original Heart of the 1000 Islands

Take a one-hour cruise taking you closer than any other cruise available in the 1000 Islands. Referred to by the Iroquois Nation as the “Garden of the Great Spirit,” the tranquility of the area belies a history of adventures, wars and rebellions. See fifth- and sixth-generation family cottages. Cruise the narrow channels of the Admiralty and Navy group of islands in the most intimate tour the 1000 Islands has to offer.

Landmarks of the 1000 Islands Cruise

Sailing from the Ivy Lea port, experience the 1000 Islands and see Boldt Castle, the Statue of St. Lawrence, 1000 Islands International Bridge and Zavikon Islands containing the smallest International Bridge in the world, during this cruise in the heart of the 1000 Islands. Cruise past the Statue of St. Lawrence, while he watches peacefully over the moving vessels and mighty St. Lawrence River. This statue is only visible from the water, standing high above on a rock cut.

Depths and Discovery of the 1000 Islands Cruise

The three-hour Depths & Discovery of the 1000 Islands Cruise is a Canadian Signature Experience. This tour combines video and audio commentary along with side-scan sonar images, bringing events and stories back to life. You will see the famed Boldt Castle and lavish homes of the rich & famous on “Millionaire’s Row.” Discover the remarkable feats of engineering required to build the St. Lawrence Seaway, 1000 Islands International bridge and so much more!

City Cruises GananoqueBoldt Castle Stopover Cruise

Set sail on a five-hour cruise and sail through the American span of the 1000 Islands, before your two-hour stopover at Boldt Castle, where you will step back in time to explore the romantic legend of Boldt Castle. Enjoy a magnificent return voyage through the Canadian span of the 1000 Islands on the largest and most iconic passenger vessels on the St. Lawrence River.

Sunset Sightseeing Cruise

The 90-minute Sunset Cruise is a magical time to be experiencing the 1000 Islands. Many photographers refer to this time as the golden hour, a magnificent opportunity to capture pictures of scenery and wildlife. The sunset is also a perfect for romantic couples who will enjoy a calm and relaxing experience. This sunset cruise will take you to a world of relaxation and natural splendour as you see summer cottages of the 1000 Islands. You will be surrounded by a unique tapestry of plants and wildlife in one of the world’s most spectacular nature preserves as the sun sets on one of the most beautiful regions in the world.

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