TOHU presents


by Nikki & JD

“What I said…it’s the truth…but just not the whole truth”

Two acrobats meet…they fall in love and dream of the future. But behind these deceptive appearances lies a secret that could shatter this fragile illusion.

Both funny and touching, navigating between the spectacular and the intimate, Knot is a story of heart 2.0 where the acrobatic duo tells its story through hand-to-hand, gymnastics, capoeira and contemporary dance.

“Is there a word for the love an audience can feel towards two circus performers? If not, there ought to be.”
— The List ★★★★

Physically exhilarating and touchingly poignant, Knot is the internationally acclaimed debut circus and dance work by by Nikki Rummer and Jean Daniel Broussé. Nikki & JD use hand-to-hand circus skills to tell the tale of an impossible choice: how can we be honest with ourselves without hurting those we love? Knot is a finely crafted theatrical journey through the struggles of commitment.

Knot was winner of the 2019 Jacksons Lane and Total Theatre Award for Circus and a 2019 Herald Angel at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Created in collaboration with award-winning choreographer Ben Duke of Lost Dog Dance Company, Knot is a very modern affair told with delicate sensitivity through breath-taking acrobatics and heart wrenching dance

Prior to the creation of Knot, Nikki and Jean-Daniel had already worked with many English and international companies: they joined Barely Methodical Troupe for their production Kin, they collaborated with Superfan on the show Nosedive. In 2021, Nikki and JD created their respective solos, Unbroken and (le) Pain.

Thursday, March 24, 2022 at 9:00pm
Friday, March 25, 2022 at 9:00pm → Post-show discussion with the artists of Bromance and Knot.
Saturday, March 26, 2022  at 9:00pm

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