Flamenco del Sur

“Flamenco del Sur” is a musical journey with two “maestros” of the flamenco-guitar from South America.

Andrés Parodi from Valparaíso, Chile, is a musician who has performed in the best tablaos of Madrid. He has toured in China as well as Arab countries. He plays in concerts and shows of flamenco regularly trough Chile, Argentina and South America. He will perform among others at the Place des Arts, his own compositions such as: “Puerta del Sol” dedicated to Astor Piazzolla and “Etrusko”.

Pablo Echevarría from Rosario, Argentina who lives in Spain, will make you dream with his compositions, as: “Que Bulería”; “Cenizas”; “Sabandija” and “Sainte Petite Milonga”. The latter is dedicated to Quebec during a snowstorm with a little air of “milonga” and nostalgia for Argentina. These two guitarists will be accompanied by a flutist and a percussionist. This music will make you vibrate.

“Volver a Cai” is all the strength and passion of gypsy flamenco. The “cante jondo ” (deep song) by singer Fernando Gallego; a sublime music by José Vega, the percussion of Hanser and dazzling choreography of the ”bailaora” (dancer) Rosanne Dion will make you vibrate with emotion. A journey full of colors to the heart of the Andalusian gypsy people.

Rosanne Dion, dancer
Fernando Gallego El Bancalero, singer
José Vega Jurado, Flamenco guitar
Andrés Parodi, Flamenco guitar
Pablo Echevarría, Flamenco guitar
Hanser Santos Gómez, Percussion
Laurent Barbier, Flute & saxophone
Victor Hugo Uribe, Artistic producer

Cinquième Salle
Saturday, December 4, 2021 at 8:00pm

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