Festival du Monde Arabe presents

Beirut, my star

In a resplendent show, the sublime Lebanese singer Ranine Chaar invites you to a celebration of Beirut. She will perform masterpieces by the greatest artists who have left their mark on this flagship city of the Arab world, emblematic songs glorifying the homeland as well as others expressing the pain of exile and nostalgia for a country devastated by war and conflict.

A daughter of the great singer Abdelkarim Shaar, Ranine was immersed since infancy in the great classics of Arab-Oriental music. She also excels in the performance of classical Arab song and of opera, with a pure voice that moves with ease between jazz and tarab, soufi and pop, mastering the operatic range with brio.

For this show, featuring remembrance, Ranine Chaar will sing of a fantastic city with her usual enthusiasm and hope, ranging from the most beautiful songs of Fairouz to the committed lyrics of Ziad Rahbani, not to mention the satirical and revolutionary songs of Sheikh Imam. A thousand and one reminiscences course through the memory of Beirut. From its founding around 5000 B.C. up to the recent catastrophe that hit it so hard in 2020, its history has been a great source of recollections!

Beyrouth, mon étoile is a love song wavering between the pain of exile, the nostalgic comfort of memories and love of a resilient city, sometimes sunny, sometimes beaten half to death, a city at the crossroads of civilizations, often flourishing, often devastated and then rebuilt, a city that is “a thousand times dead, a thousand times brought to life again […] that time has disrobed and that walks barefoot in water up to the knees” (Nadia Tuéni).

Nazih Borish, oud
Ziad Chbat, ney
Fadi Akiki, keyboard
Nizar Tabsharani, qanoun
Chadi Jarour, violin
Joseph Khoury & Phyras Haddad, percussions

Cinquième Salle
Friday, November 5, 2021 at 8:00pm
To purchase your tickets visit: www.placedesarts.com