Festival du Monde Arabe presents

Damascus, from the Nile to the Euphrates

The outstanding singer Lubana Al Quntar proposes, for the 22nd annual Festival’s opening, a truly fascinating musical odyssey to the heart of the countries of the Levant, called Bilad El Cham or Greater Syria in an earlier era, exploring the gems of a heritage that is among the world’s richest and most diversified.

Mastering the vocal techniques of opera, the Arabic traditional music as well as the sacred chants, she embraces the Syriac, Sufi, Turkish, Kurdish and Persian vocal heritage, the qudud and muwashahat and delves tirelessly into the ancestral roots of a plural Arab civilization. With a profound, enchanting and timeless voice, Lubana excels in the art of performing both the sacred and profane repertory and juggles with disconcerting ease between traditional “tarab”, ancient songs and opera!

Syrian by origin but a citizen of the world, she is a descendant of famous singer Asmahan and renowned composer Farid Al Atrash, and has set foot on the most prestigious stages in both East and West, including the Cairo Opera House, the Kennedy Center, the London Palladium Theater, the Bozar, among many others. Famous for her flawless interpretation of Oum Kalthoum’s repertoire, she has played the role of the diva in prestigious theatrical productions.

In her first Montreal appearance, accompanied by a group of talented musicians, Lubana Al Quntar offers us pure vocal and musical delights in a journey where we can discover Syria in all its influences and diversity, from the Nile to the Euphrates, from Oum Kalthoum to Asmahan, from Christian hymns to Sufi chants, Andalusian Muashahat to Aleppo’s Qudud, Damascene folklore to Turkish, Kurdish or Persian melodies…

Friday, October 29, 2021 at 8:00pm
To purchase your tickets visit: www.placedesarts.com

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