Montréal OFF Jazz Festival

The OFF Jazz festival is back in style for its 22nd edition with in-person events from September 30 to October 9, 2021. After 20 years, the festival has become a mainstay of Montreal’s cultural life. Still run by a committee composed of a majority of musicians, the festival has been able to preserve the values that underlie its mission. The festival’s partners, who were loyal from the beginning, were joined by public and private institutions, thereby ensuring a long-term viability to the festival, as well as allowing for the accomplishment of more ambitious projects. The OFF Jazz Festival is pleased to welcome more than 85 musicians to 18 concerts as part of its 22nd edition!

Opening Night

Joe Sullivan Ensemble – Songs and Poems
Under the direction of the composer Joe Sullivan, this 11-piece chamber jazz ensemble performs a repertoire of songs based on poems that have influenced Sullivan over the years. Several of the pieces are based on the poetry of Patrice Desbiens, a fellow Franco-Ontarian from Timmins, Ontario, which is also the hometown of the composer. The ensemble has an orchestral sound with an emphasis on woodwinds and softer brass, blending perfectly with Sonia Johnson’s wonderful voice.
September 30, 2021 at 8:00pm at L’Astral

Jean-Pierre Zanella – flute, alto saxophone
Yvan Belleau – clarinet, tenor saxophone
Jean Fréchette – bass clarinet, baryton saxophone
Sarah Amahrit – French horn
Jean-Nicolas Trottier – trombone
Jean-Sébastien Vachon – tuba, bass trombone
Kate Wyatt – piano
Adrian Vedady – upright bass
Jim Doxas – drums
Sonia Johnson – vocals
Joe Sullivan – trumpet, bugle, direction

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