Festival Quartiers Danses presents

Choreography by James Viveiros / Vera Kvarcakova and Jérémy Galdeano

Cinquième Salle – September 15, 2021

FOMO - Vera Kvarcakova and Jérémy Galdeano


This double-program features pieces by Vera Kvarcakova and Jérémy Galdeano, as well as James Viveiros.

FOMO “Fear of Missing Out.”  A feeling of anxiety about missing out on an exciting event and, consequently, being excluded or feeling rejected from a particular group. Inspired by the acronym, this piece highlights the toxic relationships that can exist between social media networks and their users, often expressed by a constant need to share content online, among other things. FOMO asks the fundamental question, “How does social media addiction influence our perceptions and behaviours?”

We have decided to choreograph together, combine our movements and ideas to be able to explore new areas we would not necessarily go if we were choreographing individually. – Vera Kvarcakova and Jérémy Galdeano

PLAY:BACK is loosely based on Plato’s Symposium, a fantastical, mythological story about a time when twice as many humans existed as do today. Because they were viewed as a threat by the gods, Zeus cut each human in two. Since then, they have been searching for their other halves, seeking completeness. This piece explores the feeling of emptiness that arises from the absence of the “other.” The performance is a journey revealing a vision of love and desire that exists beyond race, gender and sexual preference. It is an ode not only to attachment, but also to passionate, occasionally toxic love and the human experience of interconnectedness in this web of life.

“My dance practice is essential to my self expression and is a vital way for me to better understand my past and my present, and to direct me in my future. I turn to dance to exercise my freedom to communicate. Through dance, I find new conditions for being. I am interested in the minute details of human movement – a slightness of breath; a shift of the eye; or a surge of energy that creates a shiver up the spine.” – James Viveiros

Duration: James Viveiros – 40 min. / Vera Kvarcakova and Jérémy Galdeano – 20 min.

Vaccine passport required
Covid-19 sanitary measures in effect
To purchase your tickets visit: www.placedesarts.com

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