Festival Quartiers Danses presents

Emmanuelle Martin / Adrian Batt / Véronique Giasson / Charles Brécard

Cinquième Salle – September 12, 2021

This program will see four artists, Emmanuelle Martin, Adrian Batt, Véronique Giasson and Charles Brécard, who will take the stage to present their creations one after the other.

In a society where everything is in constant flux, Emmanuelle Martin questions the notion of personal balance, which, paradoxically, remains perpetually unstable and uncertain. Encounter highlights the sinuous path that leads an individual to an encounter with a “self” that is balanced, at peace and in harmony with its environment. This piece explores the ever-changing, redundant, endless aspects of this difficult quest, where nothing can be taken for granted and everything remains to be learned, unlearned, relearned, discovered and rediscovered.

Longueur d’onde is a solo performed by Mateo Picone. It is inspired by the processes of receiving and perceiving sensory information. How do we receive information from our senses, and how do we interpret it? The reaction of the body to its environment is at the core of this choreographic quest. Adrian Batt tries to identify the source, that is, the first stimulus that triggers the gesture. His goal is to share this idea with the audience, as they too are on the receiving end of the movement and physicality of the dancer, as well as the sensory information he presents to them. He seeks to create a personal dialogue—a bridge or mirror linking the stage to the audience—to facilitate their reception and sharpen their perception.

Véronique Giasson’s choreographic creation is entitled Reset, meaning journey, complex path, displacement from one place to another. Through incessant sequences, the duet performed by Véronique Giasson and Nicolas Zemmour pushes the physical limits of the body while imposing strict precision and accuracy of movement. The work questions the relationship with the Other and asks, “How does one relate to being on stage with a partner, when the past year has been marked by isolation and distancing?” Set to the music of LACRYMOBOY, this piece attempts to answer these questions by highlighting the body: one’s own, that of the Other and the relationship that develops between the two through their peregrinations.

A soliloquy is a monologue addressed to oneself, the expression of one’s thoughts out loud. In SOLILOQUY, Charles Brécard meanders through his own ruminations, challenging himself to face his emotions, doubts and worries. While on his introspective journey, he shares the stage with a skeleton symbolizing the last vestiges of humanity. A waltz between the man and the carcass ensues, evoking a stream of confessions, accusations and discourse. The pessimistic, almost fatalistic tone of the piece is juxtaposed with humour, joy and sincerity; the artist aspires to stimulate the imagination and question its propensity for denial. May inertia give way to action and taking a stand.

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