A new Daily tous les jours musical installation
10 years after the famous Musical Swings 21 Balançoires


Daily tous les jours, the Montreal art and design studio behind the famous 21 Balançoires, has given us a new reason to visit the place l’Esplanade de la Place des Arts.

Walk Walk Dance is a musical installation that allows you to play music with your feet (or wheels). Designed as a temporary installation, the project creates a joyful urban space, inviting the public to play with the rules of physical distancing, one, two, three steps at a time.

“The pandemic and lockdown isolated people inside their homes, cities and public spaces were deserted, sad and lifeless. We wanted to create an opportunity to meet each other and reclaim our cities, no matter where we live,” says Mouna Andraos, co-founder of Daily tous les jours.

Accessible to an audience of all ages, Walk Walk Dance is a series of musical lines drawn on the floor. It’s simple: you have to walk, jump, roll or dance on these lines to trigger music. All the technology is concealed in a modular box system that easily adapts to any street for rapid deployment.

“We had in mind Montréal of course, but also all the cities of the world. This installation travels very well and its objective is the same everywhere: to breathe new life into public spaces. A city without humans is no longer a city… The purpose of this project is to surprise people by creating spontaneous moments of joy, safely, “adds Melissa Mongiat, co-founder of Daily tous les jours.

Walk Walk Dance premiered in June 2021 at the Bentway in Toronto, as part of the Playing in Public event. It is also part of the design projects honoured by the jury of this year’s Core77 Design Awards in the Interaction category, for “its exemplary execution, its vision, its creativity and its values” and won the Grand Prix Rayonnement International HUB Montréal .

The artwork is presented until September 6, 2021, on the Esplanade at Place des Arts in Montréal. This installation marks the return of Daily tous les jours to downtown Montréal, after having animated the Quartier des spectacles for nearly 10 years with their famous Musical Swings 21 Balançoires, a work described by host Oprah Winfrey as “a living work of art”. The Swings are also currently on tour around the world.

To September 5th from 10 am to 10 pm, every day



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