The Fashion + Design Festival officially invites you to its festival this summer, from August 19 to 22 at the Place des Festivals. This one-of-a-kind occasion provides an inside look at the world of fashion and design through a diversified program of activities. The festival is a leading platform for fashion, design, music, beauty and shopping trends.

Get your best outfits ready and charge your phones. You’ll have a lot to take in photos and videos.

Outdoor Festival: Dance, Music, Fashion Shows and Local Discoveries


EZOTERIA by Oscar Mendoza

Four days of discoveries, art, encounters, shopping, surprises, fun, learning, local discoveries, music shows, questioning, dancing, ideas and hope.

Nearly 100 brands, artists, designers and influencers will be present. You can check out the latest fashions from KataFashion, GirlCrushGang, Lakuachimoto, Milo & Dexter, Mamé, EZOTERIA by Oscar Mendoza, La Vie en Rose, Fusion Jeunesse, IMAGINE by NIANGO, NOBLE, Pierre-Olivier Allard, 1er Mai by Ysa Lannes, Nykwale, Kyle Gervacy, and Bikini Village,  plus the special Signature Fashion show presented by LaSalle College’s International School of Fashion, Arts and Design.

Music and entertainment will be provided by the likes of DJ Karaba, DJ Messkina, La Fièvre, Teiki, Laroie, Ragers, SHAH FRANK, and Afrotonik .

Mini-exhibition Fashion + Design Festival x McCord museum


Photo: © Laura Dumitriu – Musée McCord Museum

Go behind the scenes of haute couture through the ephemeral exhibition Dior, From Sketches to Dresses, presented by the McCord Museum as part of the 21st edition of the Fashion & Design Festival from August 19 to 22.

Immerse yourself in the process of creating evening gowns, made in the grand tradition of haute couture by Montreal fashion designer Helmer Joseph, using original House of Dior patterns. This project in conjunction with the exhibition Christian Dior is the perfect opportunity not only to bring to the forefront a highly specialized skill set, but also to show the ingenuity that shaped the golden age of haute couture!

The Fashion + Design Festival, bringing people together with a brand new vibe for its 20th edition!