Live concerts and activities and an original webcast edition

What is music, the omni-present, intangible art that touches our hearts? Beethoven’s good friend, the philosopher, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, came up with an unusual and inspired definition of this universal, aural pleasure:
liquid architecture!

From June 17 to June 20, the celebrated Baroque Festival will take place in the Outremont and Mile-End neighborhoods, delighting lovers of the art and music of the 17th and 18th centuries with a dynamic lineup of sparkling shows.

Over the course of four days and via a hybrid live-and-virtual program, festival-goers will be invited to explore this year’s theme, Liquid Architecture, a poetic concept that will embrace improvisation, Baroque architecture, music inspired by the aquatic world, and sometimes controversial reworkings of Baroque masterpieces. Some 15 concerts and activities, both live and virtual, will be on offer to music lovers. To prolong the pleasure, pay-per-view virtual presentations will be accessible from June 16 to July 31!

With current stars such as, notably, Myriam Leblanc (soprano), Jonathon Adams (baritone), Marie-Nathalie Lacoursière (Baroque dancer), Mélisande McNabney (harpsichordist), Jessica Korotkin (cellist), and Jonathan Voyer (santoor player), the Festival will bring together almost 50 musicians and groups from Montreal and Quebec who specialize in early music.

Real live performances

Opening concert: Bach Cathedral
MBF 2021 will be launched by the masterpieces of Bach—cantatas, motets, concertos—and by Bach-inspired improvisation at a grand opening concert. On June 18 at 5:30pm at the Rialto Theatre, Matthias Maute will direct soprano Myriam Leblanc, baritone Jonathon Adams, harpsichordist Mélisande McNabney, the Ensemble vocal Arts-Québec, the Chœur du Festival (visible on giant screens), and the Ensemble Caprice. The digital version of this concert will be accessible from July 2 to 16 on the Livetoune pay-per-view video-streaming platform.

Build your own Bach, in homage to Bruce Haynes
A celebration of The End of Early Music book by the late Bruce Haynes, musicologist and co founder of the Festival, with several suites based on Bach, newly composed and performed by Jessica Korotkin, cellist, on June 18 at 4pm in Rialto Hall. Also accessible between July 2 and 16 on the Livetoune video-streaming platform.

A musical Meander and Architecture
A musical tour for small, intimate groups through the rooms of the Rialto Theatre. Discover rare musical treasures and explore the neo-Baroque architecture of Montreal. On June 20, three departures: at 2pm, 2:30 pm, and 3 pm. Also accessible between July 17 and 31 on the Livetoune video-streaming platform.

On-Line program: Baroque and hip!

(On) Line dancing … Baroque style!
Learn the basics by watching Un pas de danse with Marie-Nathalie Lacoursière, stage director, choreographer, and Baroque dancer. Webcast video streaming anytime between June 16 and June 30 on the Livetoune platform.

Choreographic Architecture
Dazzling virtual works created by Les Jardins chorégraphiques in collaboration with Les Boréades de Montréal, and stories about the funniest and most difficult moments in the creative process of this digital production. Webcast from June 17 to July 1 on the Livetoune platform.

Something Fishy!
Musical pieces packed with evocations of fantasy, pleasure, and emotion, such as those that rang out in the intimacy of the apartments of the court at Versailles. With Les Voix Humaines: Susie Napper and Mélisande Corriveau, viol duo. Webcast from June 17 to July 1 on the Livetoune platform.

Free activities and concerts

If public health measures permit, everyone will be delighted to be out in the park for the Musical Picnics, on June 18, 19, and 20, from noon to 6:30pm, with the delightful music of the Montreal ensemble Le Petit Rien.

On June 19 there will be a sequence of outdoor activities and concerts. The day will begin with Lab baroque, a friendly sight-reading directed by Matthias Maute. Bring your instrument or voice! This will be followed by performances by Winds and Weather, Les Fontaines de Versailles, and Raga Improvisation.

Virtual OFF Festival presented by the Caisse de la culture Desjardins
Listen to a Professional Round Table discussion of music, architecture, and health on the Zoom platform, and webcast on the Montreal Baroque Festival’s Facebook page. Watch masterclasses with baritone Jonathan Adams and harpsichordist Illya Poletaev on the Festival’s website and Facebook page on June 13, 15, and 16.

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