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Turning the barn upside down

Cirque Alfonse is back with an unusual animal show! Animal offers a series of surreal and slightly irreverent fables, impressive in their virtuosity and irresistible in their comedy. The artists take young and old on a discovery journey of a reinvented land. In this show, the cattle-shed is crazy, and the barn is upside down!

A gentleman-farmer surrounds himself with familiar, yet crazy creatures: the chickens have teeth, the ducks are very naughty, and the cows run amok! In this world, the imagination flirts with childhood tales, and rurality is as energetic as it is poetic. The clichés are wildly twisted, the morals are joyfully diverted, the seduction is enthusiastically achieved. And, once again, Cirque Alfonse favors a multidisciplinary approach. They resume this acclaimed approach where circus, song, dance, theater and, of course, music – an irresistible farm funk, a mix of trad and soul concocted by their musicians! – come together on stage. Animal: farm life in all its forms!

“A real treat for the spectators” – Huffington Post

“A circus reconnecting with its roots” – Le Journal de Montréal

Cirque Alfonse: The company, which unites the Carabinier-Lépine family and friends, gets its name from Saint-Alphonse-Rodriguez, its municipality of origin in Lanaudière. The Québec fibre is central to each Cirque Alfonse creations as the troupe draws on national folklore for themes, to which a modern touch is added.

The Alfonse clan has captured the hearts of festival-goers in 2011 with its lumber camp in Timber!, its electro-traditional cabaret Barbu in 2014 as well as Tabarnak in 2017. After having toured the globe several times and experienced worldwide success, the troupe returns to the Festival to give you an unforgettable time.

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