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Night Creature

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater continues to inspire audiences virtually with a spring series of free programs through Ailey All Access. Using dance as a vehicle for joy and hope during a time of unprecedented challenges and separation, the presentations will advance the Ailey organization’s online initiatives that have inspired and enlightened over 12 million people in 121 countries over the past year.

“It’s been very important for us to not just think about dancing in spite of the pandemic, but dancing because of our love and our mission to bring dance to the people as Alvin Ailey wanted us to do,” stated Artistic Director Robert Battle. “Dance feeds the soul and can be healing, so it was essential that we reached across the world virtually over the past year. Our movement continues to share a message of hope and the promise of advancing together towards a better future.”

In Night Creature, Alvin Ailey’s classically influenced choreography juxtaposes with Duke Ellington’s jazz idiom. One of Mr. Ailey’s most popular works, the dance captivates with Ailey’s sensual nighttime rituals, propelling the movement into a fast-paced climatic catharsis using slow jazz walks, boogie woogie, and ballet arabesques to create prowling patterns and communal configurations.

“Night creatures, unlike stars, do not come OUT at night –they come ON, each thinking that before the night is out he or she will be the star.”–Duke Ellington

The ballet first premiered on the 1974 television special “Ailey Celebrates Ellington,” and two years later the buoyant ballet was included in a stage version of the program in August 1976 for a two-week New York season at Lincoln Center. Night Creature is the definitive Ailey homage to the exuberance of The Duke’s jazz – a joyful and kinetic celebration of Ellington’s music. With stunning brilliance, the ensemble undulates and rejoices in the nocturnal beat of Ellington’s jazz.

“This remains one of Ailey’s best curtain raisers, and the company throw themselves into its elflike spirit with only rhythmic measure containing their dance abandon.” – New York Post

Night Creature, a free Ailey All Access program, premieres on Wednesday, April 14 at 7pm ET and be available online for two-week period.

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