Bourgie Hall presents

Somebody Special – Songs by Steve Lacy

Avant-garde saxophonist Steve Lacy based his songs on various literary works—Apollinaire, Gaston Chaissac, and Cendrars—visual artists’ creations—Braque and Giacometti—and early Japanese and Chinese texts. A delightful evening for jazz lovers.

“Steve Lacy has had a profound influence on me and has been a compass to show the way. Since his departure in 2004, many have forgotten that this giant of the soprano saxophone composed hundreds of beautiful songs as well. Throughout jazz history, very few have been so prolific — comparable to Duke Ellington, even. Now, fifteen years after Lacy’s passing, many more are investigating his treasury of songs. In a way, this record seeks to soothe a feeling of withdrawal. The whole jazz community will have to grasp this music to keep it alive, as I wish to do here.” — Jean Derome, March 2019

Karen Young, voice
Jean Derome, voice, alto saxophone, and bass flute
Alexandre Grogg, piano
Normand Guilbeault, double bass
Pierre Tanguay, drums

Dates: March 13 at 8:00 pm and available online until March 27

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