Bourgie Hall presents

Pallade Musica

Extraordinary Proportions
Medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque Music

Pallade Musica brings to life Renaissance pieces that are full of invention and innovation. Pallade Musica brings together four of the most virtuoso musicians of the Montreal baroque scene. The ensemble has won prestigious awards from its inception. Their interpretations, based on research and exploration, are recognized as expressive and elegant, and are lauded by critics. These works helped to transform ideas about music at the end of the fifteenth century. To provide the appropriate soundscape that this music demands, Pallade Musica will be using copies of instruments from the Renaissance including the viola d’arco (tenor instrument that preceded the viola da gamba), a Renaissance violin, a Renaissance lute, and a Clavicembalum (very early keyboard).

Esteban La Rotta, lutes
Elinor Frey, viola d’arco
Tanya LaPerrière, renaissance violin
Mélisande McNabney, clavicymbalum

Excerpts from the CYPRUS CODEX (Torino, J.ii.9) as well as works by Alexander AGRICOLA, Hayne van GHIZEGHEM, RAULIN and Josquin DES PRÉS.

Dates: March 18, 2021 at 7:30 pm and available online until April 1, 2021.

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