Bourgie Hall presents

Didem Basar: Levantine Rhapsody

Dive into the diverse musical universe of Montreal-based Turkish musician Didem Basar and let yourself be captivated by the gentle confluence of the rhythms and sounds of Turkish and Western classical music.

Born into a family steeped in music, kanun (Turkish zither) player and composer Didem Başar began her music education at the Istanbul Technical University Turkish Music State Conservatory when she was eleven years old. After completing the Conservatory’s kanun program, she continued training at the same institution and received a bachelor’s degree in composition. Her interest in examining the effects of music on society led her to pursue a master’s degree in the musical analysis of Mevlevi music at Marmara University. She gave lectures on Turkish music and kanun playing techniques at Haliç University’s Turkish Music Conservatory and the Istanbul University State Conservatory from 2001 until she moved to Canada in 2007. Relocating to Montreal has given Didem the opportunity to reinterpret her music in a new environment whose vividness is the result of the convergence of manifold cultures flowing from different parts of the world.

Didem Basar, qanun and composition
Guy Pelletier, flute
Brigitte Dajczer, violin
Noémy Braun, cello
Patrick Graham, percussion

Dates: Friday, February 5 at 7:30 pm and available online for two weeks afterwards

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