Located in the Eastern Caribbean, Anguilla is known for its 5-star dining, coral reefs, culture and heritage but is well known for its postcard perfect beaches. Thirty-three beaches to be exact and they are all as beautiful as they are diverse. Many have been ranked the world’s best on numerous occasions. With an embargo on cruise ships, casinos and high-rise hotels, Anguilla is a Caribbean sanctuary offering peace and serenity and much welcomed by visitors to the island. With warm, translucent waters, reaching 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and silky soft sand the island is a haven for all beach enthusiasts!

It is no surprise gossip of legendary white sand beaches and laid-back vibes has attracted many celebrities over the years. Anguilla has become a vacation spot for Ellen DeGeneres and Portia DeRossi, Sandra Bullock, Liam Neeson, basketball star LeBron James and Adele and friends were spotted frolicking on the beaches earlier this year.

This beach-hopping vacation is all about rest and relaxation and we have a list of Anguilla’s top 5 beaches when you are ready to go!

Shoal Bay Beach

Shoal Bay Beach - Anguilla's Top 5 Beaches

Shoal Bay Beach is the most popular, well-known and single most photographed beach on the island on Anguilla. Visitors call this two-mile long, sandy beach an “absolute must-see.” There is more written about Shoal Bay Beach than any other beach in Anguilla. It is consistently ranked as one of the top beaches not just in the Caribbean, but also in the world. There is no other way to say it; with its pink-tinted white sand and captivating turquoise water, Shoal Bay Beach is simply stunning.

There are plenty of bars, restaurants, rental equipment for snorkeling and parasailing and scuba diving. While it is the most visited beach on the island, it remains relatively uncrowded. Stroll the length of the beach and check out the luxurious Zemi Beach House Resort, Manoah Boutique Hotel and Shoal Bay Villas that embody the natural beauty of Anguilla. Order your favourite cocktail, lounge under an umbrella and just listen to the sound of the waves.

Meads Beach

Meads Beach - Anguilla's Top 5 BeachesWaking up to this view every morning of your vacation is a dream come true! Meads Bay Beach is one of the most popular west end beaches on Anguilla and one of the island’s truly untouched shores. Come see where luxury meets low-key in an un-crowded and romantic setting. Sink your toes into the soft, white sand and marvel at the crystal-clear waters. Set your beach bag under one the iconic yellow umbrella and venture into the water for a snorkel at a nearby coral reef. Lucky for you, Meads Bay Beach is rarely busy so you won’t have to share the expansive shoreline and idyllic swimming.

Occasionally when the wind is blowing from the north to northeast, the surf at Meads Bay Beach is ideal for surfing. You can grab a boogie board, hop in the water and join the surfers on the waves! Water sports equipment rentals are available from many of the hotels along the beach.

Stretching 1.5-miles long, Meads Bay Beach has two beautiful hotels that play bookends to the beach; the Four Seasons Resorts and Residences, Anguilla stands at one end of the beach and the Malliouhana, Auberge Resorts Collection, is located at the other end. In between, there are smaller resort properties like Frangipani Beach Resort, along with condominium units like Tranquility Beach Anguilla, and boutique style villas such as Carimar Beach Club…with many exquisite fine-dining restaurants in between.

Maundays Beach Bay

Maundays Beach Bay - Anguilla's Top 5 BeachesThe locals say Maundays Beach Bay is one of the best! This smaller half-moon shaped beach is home to one resort. The beautiful Belmond Cap Juluca is one of the island’s most distinctive resorts and known for its moorish design. To access Maundays Bay Beach visitors must enter through the hotel’s inviting main gates or via boat. With white sand beaches and blue waters, the beach is perfect, tranquil and pristine.

Shoal Bay West

Shoal Bay West - Anguilla's Top 5 BeachesThe lesser known beach is Shoal Bay West and is a visitor favourite. This side of the bay has a much calmer feel to it and is the perfect location for those seeking solitude. Look out to sea and you’ll spot what some call ‘Blowing Rock’, a small spit of volcanic-type rock and a great area for snorkeling and diving. There is not a lot of boat traffic near the beach making for a serene swimming day. Take a long walk along this almost empty beach and you’ll pass some of the island’s most luxurious private villas. The beach offers beautiful views of St. Martin and is an ideal spot to see the sun set.

Rendezvous Bay Beach

Rendezvous Bay Beach - Anguilla's Top 5 BeachesRendezvous Bay Beach is a two-mile long paradise and the best beach for walking. Your toughest decision of the day will be to walk east or west first. Taking a stroll down the eastern side will provide you with a little bit of Anguilla’s history. You’ll walk past The Rendezvous Bay Hotel, one of the oldest hotels on Anguilla. The hotel is owned by Jeremiah Gumbs and has called this bay home since 1962.

Some consider Rendezvous Bay to be the most beautiful beach in the world. Situated on the southwestern side of Anguilla it has been described as a semi-circle of perfection. Sit back and feel the silky sand beneath your feet or dive into waters so calm even the least confident of swimmers will feel relaxed. On a clear day, visitors can see St. Martin in the distance.

Access the western bay and stop in at Bankie Banx’s Dune Preserve, rated the #1 beach bar in the world by CNN. You will not find a cooler or more unique bar anywhere else. Owned by famous reggae artist and local celebrity Mr. Bankie Banx it is a proven “must-see.” It’s time you stop in for a drinks and dinner and take in the breathtaking views.

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