Royal Albert Hall presents

Royal Albert Home: Martha Wainwright

Singer-songwriter Martha Wainwright will deliver an exclusive set from her home as part of the Royal Albert Home sessions.

In these strange times, closing the Hall’s doors is the best way to look after the world, but we are now opening a (virtual) window for you to experience some of the most talented artists around.

With an unmistakable voice and an arsenal of powerful songs, Martha is a beguiling performer and a refreshing force in music. She began building a buzz with her well-noted EPs prior to her successful eponymous debut LP, which was followed by her highly regarded sophomore album, I Know You’re Married But I’ve Got Feelings Too and the acclaimed Goodnight City.

Martha is in the midst of finishing up a book and getting ready to record another full length album. Until then, she shares her latest single Wolves, featuring brother Rufus. She is renowned for her intensely confessional songs, extraordinary vocal range and extravagant live performance.

Lucy Noble, Artistic Director of the Royal Albert Hall, said: “With Royal Albert Home, we’ve looked to keep the spirit of the venue alive by presenting a program of world class artists from a vast host of genres – and spotlighting up-and-coming talent alongside beloved household names. No other streamed program has been quite as eclectic as this one, showcasing homegrown soul and Swiss electronica, R&B and folk, Bach cellos and Baxter Dury.

“We’re delighted to announce […] the incomparable Martha Wainwright – one of the world’s most distinctive and original singer-songwriters […] .”

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