The Stratford Festival Production

Paradise Lost

Written by Erin Shields
A theatrical adaptation of John Milton’s Paradise Lost
Directed by Jackie Maxwell
With Lucy Peacock, Amelia Sargisson, Qasim Khan

Satan is real and she’s on a mission to set the record straight. What really happened in the Garden?


In the role of a lifetime written especially for her, Canadian stage icon Lucy Peacock is Satan … as we’ve never seen Satan before. Seductive in snakeskin and as slick as a hi-tech guru, she makes a case for her unfair expulsion from heaven in this amusing and highly theatrical adaptation of Milton’s epic poem.

Richly infused with modern references and contemporary vernacular, Erin Shields’ witty script deftly highlights the original poem’s timeless potency and relevance. Centaur’s production features an outstanding Montreal cast of biblical stars that includes an unforgettable Amelia Sargisson as Eve, Michelle Rambharose in polar opposite role of Beelzebub, Marcel Jeanin as God, and Gabriel Lemire as His Son. Extremely physical and fiercely engaging, Paradise Lost is a modern ‘classical’ masterpiece.

*Please note that there is a brief instance of nudity in this production.

Enrich your Experience
Pre-show Conversation
January 16, 2020 at 7:00pm in the Centaur Gallery
Jackie Maxwell, Valerie Moore and Erin Shields will join Eda Holmes for the Paradise Lost Pre-Show Convo. This is a rare opportunity to learn about the ever expanding techniques that create mood, amplify emotions, and add depth to a play and its characters. Meet the set, costume, lighting, and sound designers who give the play you’re about to see its breath and heartbeat. Encompassing manifold aspects of visual arts, fashion design, colour therapy, film making, music history and composition, these versatile artists will open your eyes to the nuances that can make a play live on in your memory.

Sunday Chat-up
January 19, 2020
Join Lucinda Chodan, Editor in Chief of Montreal Gazette as she speaks with Dr Ildikó Glaser-Hille about Satan as a social actor throughout History, as well as in modern society. Find out what the different depictions of the Devil can actually reveal about the people who created this powerful symbol.

January 23, 2020
Following the performance, you are invited to stay for informal Q&A sessions with the artists. Held in the theatre after select Thursday evening or Sunday matinée presentations. • Thursday, January 23 • Sunday, January 26

Saturday Salon
January 25, 2020
Theatre is about exchange, apropos for a theatre born in the country’s first Stock Exchange. On select Saturday afternoons, join Centaur Artistic and Executive Director, Eda Holmes, and her special guests as they break through the fourth wall to connect theatre lovers with theatre makers. Free and held in the main floor gallery following the matinee performance.

French surtitles on Friday January 31 and Saturday February 1, at 8pm

Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes

The Centaur Theatre
453 St. François-Xavier

For tickets and information:   514-288-3161