Patrick Watson

Watson’s sixth studio album, Wave, is about having a wave knock you over when you realize everything you have in life can be wiped away in a moment – and then learning how not to drown in the process. During the making of the album, Patrick lost his mother, his longtime drummer left the group, and he and his partner separated. Watson brought a notebook underneath the waves and composed tunes about melancholy while listening to the lonely hymns of mermaids. The songs are about how sometimes you have to sing a love song to yourself when no one else will, allowing the sound carry you and learning to trust where you will land. It is very personal and intimate, and it is the most humble of all their records.

Of the album, Watson notes “it’s the difference between singing a solo at a stranger’s grave as a child and singing one at your own mother’s funeral.”

About “Dream for Dreaming”, the Wave’s opening track, Watson says, “when you come home and your house doesn’t look like the one you left and the strange feeling of being so far from what you had in mind that your skin doesn’t fit anymore. And you’re in the state of disbelief with a strange smile wondering what am I to do now.”

The album also features “Broken” and “Melody Noir,” singles that were released in 2017 and 2018 respectively, during the making of this album. NPR Music deemed “Broken” as “dreamily rendered, falsetto-rich ruminations on the way human beings are wired” and went on to be featured in several TV series including Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor and Burden of Truth.

Patrick Watson composes, performs and records his albums with his full band, which includes Joe Grass (guitar), Evan Tighe (drums), Mishka Stein (bass). The recipients of Canada’s Polaris Music Prize in 2007, in addition to Juno and Polaris nominations, Watson and his band have toured on all continents, on occasion playing with full orchestras to bring the rich music to life. Raised and still living in Montreal, Watson has composed several scores for both film and television, including a trailer for The Walking Dead.

See Patrick perform live at MTelus on December 10, 11, and 12th.

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