This year, Nordic Square will be transformed into a huge playground with inviting fireplaces, bars, activities, shows and animations that will bring everyone together to celebrate the warmth of the holiday spirit. Discover the many activities that will delight both children and adults!


Located on Jacques-Cartier square, let yourself be transported by the magic of the holiday season on Nordic Square! Holiday hot spots with bars serving local products, performances, winter activities and public art installations, everything is gathered to bring you smiles and create unforgettable memories.

December 19th
Holiday music atmosphere

December 20th
Holiday music atmosphere
From 5:30pm to 7:30pm – Luminous percussion by the Baratanga Trio

December 21st
100% traditional Quebec holiday music atmosphere
From 1pm to 3:45pm – Children’s tales
From 3:30pm to 5pm – Zumba with Viko
From 4pm to 6:40pm – Ambulatory circus by Joïeux et Nowel
From 7pm to 9pm – Traditional music by La Croisée d’Antan

December 22nd
100% Francophone holiday music atmosphere
From 2pm to 6pm – Santa Claus and his elves accompanied by our mascot
From 6pm to 8:30pm – The Java Trio, jazzy vocal harmonies

December 26th
Crooners and 50s holiday music atmosphere
From 4pm to 6:30pm – Tales and songs with Les Sœurs Noël

December 27th
Disco and Funk holiday music atmosphere
From 7pm to 8:30pm – Luminous Hula Hoop

December 28th
From Quebec to Africa worldbeat music atmosphere
From 2pm to 4:45pm – Children’s tales
From 5pm to 6:45pm – Nordic Reggae with Alexandre Paquette
From 7pm to 8:30pm –  Luminous Hula Hoop

December 29th
Quebec musical atmosphere announcing the New Year Party!
From 2pm to 4:45pm – Luminous percussions by the Baratanga Trio

Holiday hot spots
Warm up around fireplaces comfortably seated on the enchanting site of Nordic Square.

Festive Animations
Meet the famous mascot Snowflake as well as the trapper storyteller, with humorous street animations on Saturdays and Sundays.

Live shows
Choirs, storytellers, Indigenous artists and winter zumba, it’s an entire program that is made to bring you joy.

Public art
Do not miss the illuminated and engaging installations! Both children and adults will be impressed by the giant bear and the mirroring luminous prisms!

Make use of these stations to take a break, laugh with friends and proclaim your holiday wishes.

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