Buoyed by the success of the “Idan Raichel Project”, with which he has toured to a sold out audience in the most prestigious venues in the world, Israeli star Idan Raichel took a bold move in 2017 and by offering a more intimate formula. In Piano-Songs, he exposes himself, returns to the very essence of music and affirms again his taste for encounters. With more than 30 sold-out piano concerts, this intimate and inspiring show allowed Idan to demonstrate his gifts as a singer-songwriter and endearing solo stage presence.

A talented keyboardist, composer, performer and arranger, Idan Raichel has made a sensational entry into the Israeli music scene since his first album by fusing electronic music, Israeli folk music and traditional African music. His hit “Bo-i” remained at the top of the charts for several weeks. Today, The Idan Raichel Project is known worldwide for its bold intercultural collaborations. It has established itself as the voice of a world where hope is allowed and where artistic collaborations break down barriers, building bridges between origins and religions.

Idan’s new album And If You Will Come To Me, released in January 2019, marked by numerous collaborations promises to be the most impactful album of his illustrious career. The title track, “Ve’Eem Tavo’ee Elay” in Hebrew, has already become one of Idan’s biggest hits ever in Israel, with nearly 18 million streams on YouTube alone, and the singles from the album have racked up a total of 35 million YouTube plays.

For tickets, please visit: www.olympiamontreal.com or call: 1-855-790-1245

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