Festival Quartiers Danses  presents

Vivus James Viveiros / Rebecca Margolick / Trip The Light Fantastic

Kyra Jean Green / Trip the Light Fantastic – One moment in time

One Moment At A Time takes a look into the moments that seem eternal and others that fly by with the blink of an eye. This solo is inspired from the piece The Man Who Travelled Nowhere In Time Chapter II, performed by Trip The Light Fantastic in 2018. How can we control how fast or slow time passes us by? Can we control it at all? This solo explores the space in between seconds that can seem to be eternal.

Rebecca Margolick – Bunker / Vault

The first half of the piece Bunker is an exploration of what home means to the choreographer and dancer Rebecca Margolick and how to stay grounded in a fleeting fast paced world.

The second half of the piece Vault takes the notion of “home” outside the personal experience of the choreographer. What did home mean to the women who resided in the YWHA Residence and the Clara De Hirsch Home for Working Girls in New York City from 1899-1950?

Pulling from the archives of these two institutions that offered home and community to those that needed it, board meetings, correspondences, photos and resident files, Rebecca Margolick looks at the personal stories of the women who lived there. Name after name, address after address, hardship after hardship, she looks at how to contextualize the echoes and trails of these mostly nameless women. How can she carry the weight of these women forward, and give their stories a voice through dance?

James Viveiros / VIVUS – TERRE

TERRE is based on the number three and its symbolic meaning in life, religion, and history. The power of three is universal. It represents the world as heaven, earth, and water. It represents the human as body, soul, and spirit. It is the number of the whole, with a beginning, a middle, and an end. TERRE draws from the obvious truth that our fragile planet is in peril. In this trio, three beings are tasked with discovering a new planet; a new place to call home. Continuing his work on connectivity, Jame Viveiros explores this relational concept within a new universe and terrain.

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