Curator, art critic, and educator, Prof. Norman Cornett presents Sonia Indelicato Roseval’s, I Pastelli, exhibition until October 1, at Archive Contemporary located at 2471 Centre St. Near the Atwater Market. In the words of Prof. Cornett, this artist ”possesses an innate sense of composition whereby she employs widely varied, apparently disparate elements, that coalesce into seamless works.”

Sonia Indelicato Roseval

Sonia Indelicato Roseval in her studio

As evident from the website her creations cover the visual spectrum. Yet the intuitiveness of her approach remains a constant and explains the organic vibrancy of the images she creates, whether on paper, canvas, or wood. What has enabled this self-taught artist, who holds a full-time day job, to carry on her artistic practice? She credits her spiritual mentor, the late Sri Chinmoy, who many years ago introduced her to meditation as a way of life.

According to Prof. Cornett, ”Over the decades she has created three separate and distinct bodies of work, namely, chromatic abstractions, subtly psychological landscapes, and most recently, enigmatic pastels that create a unique space between figurative and abstract art.

I Pastelli will enable viewers to see for themselves this artist`s new creations which resulted from her travels during 2019 in San Diego and San Francisco, as well as in Lyon, France.

Archive Contemporary, 2471 Centre St. Montreal.

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