First-ever TRIBUTE Festival – Celebrating Quebec’s Homegrown Distillers

The goal of the event is to become the largest gathering of homegrown alcohol producers in Quebec and is certain to delight aficionados of every stripe. Helping Quebec distilleries take on the world!

The Association des micro-distilleries du Québec (AMDQ) and the Association des distilleries artisanales du Québec (ADAQ) were looking for an event that would promote alcohol produced by their members to commercial customers and consumers alike. So,they called on the team behind the MADE WITH LOVE mixology competition to produce the TRIBUTE Festival – Celebrating Quebec’s Homegrown Distillers.

“The event will highlight a mission that is similar for both of our associations during a festive and fan-friendly gathering,”says Jean-François Cloutier, president of the AMDQ and co-owner of the Distillerie du St. Laurent.“It’s a great opportunity to discover distilled beverages representing the Quebec terroir while highlighting the expertise and talents of local producers,”says Éric Lafrance, president of the ADAQ and president of Domaine Lafrance.

On September 7, the general public will get a turn to enjoy a hundred or more tastings offered in the company of the artisanal distillers themselves. The public will also be able to enjoy various demonstrations, a gastronomic section, and cocktails showcasing the Quebec terroir during both days.

Saturday, September 7th, Noon-11pm

Tickets to access the site are $ 12 and tasting coupons are $ 1.

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