Festival Quartiers Danses  presents

Jane Mappin / Anne Dryburgh / Gargoyle Dance Club

Adrian W.S. Batt / Gargoyle Dance Club – Mundi Scaenam
Mundi Scaenam is a work inspired by William Shakespeare’s famous quote: “All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages.” This quote has always peeked the interest of the choreographer in the way that it compares and links the tendencies of human life to that of the calculated and artistic effort of a performer. The world and life itself become to man what the stage is to an actor or performer. Looking at the people around us and watching this play of life is the root of what will create this piece.

Working in creative intensives, the five dancers were invited by the choreographer to immerse themselves in this daily life, observe it and integrate it. Dance must reuse this human social material that is constantly performed around us everyday and substitutes human communication.

Anne Dryburgh – Kankei Patan
Anne Dryburgh’s new piece subtly joins contemporary ballet and Japanese percussion. As is always the case for the choreographer, music is the point of departure for her creation. Here, a succession of variations on established musical patterns. Two women and two men lend themselves to this same game and explore Kankei Pãtan, a Japanese expression that encompasses the diversity and complexity of human relations.

Jane Mappin – Elle.s
Elle.s is a meditation on womanhood, private and public identities, and the passage of time. The interpreters move through shifting temporal and emotional landscapes, as well as vulnerability and resolve, uncertainty and hope. Together, they are a single woman reflecting on her past and moving towards her future. In adopting different roles at different stages of life, she also confronts many possible identities at once, in complementary, harmonious, or rivalrous relation to one another. Elle.s offers us a glimpse of her strength, and her search for gaining control over her story.

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