Hubshercorp – This Montreal company has adapted to changes in their industry by providing creative solutions to their expanding client-base

When we buy a shirt, suit, blouse, and even a new winter scarf – we look to the label to see important information about size, the type of fabrics used to manufacture the garment item. Most of us don’t think about where that label comes from – it’s part of the garment. Well guess what folks – we have a family business in Montreal that has manufactured those labels with that all-important information for a host clothing manufacturers. This is only one of several businesses that the Lachine-based, family-owned company operates internationally. With constant innovation and diversification, the company has not only survived in an intensely competitive industry – it continues to prosper. Management and ownership regard challenges in their markets as opportunities to grow their businesses through innovation and evolution.

Originally founded by Louis Hubscher in 1949 to provide ribbons and labels to the Canadian apparel industry, Hubschercorp now has operations in Canada, the United States and China. Ivan Hubscher is a second-generation family member who works closely with a talented management team that has seen the company evolve into a multi-faceted supplier whose products include customized packaging – with international clients such as L’Oreal, Lindt  Chocolates to local high-end restaurants such as The Rib ‘N’ Reef and Queue de Cheval. Their apparel customers include instantly recognizable brands such as Hanes, American Eagle, GAP, and Everlast. The Hubschercorp boardroom has wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling samples, showcasing the packaging designed and produced for the company’s impressive list of clients.

Faced with a difficult and challenging market in the ‘70s, the founder’s son Ivan Hubscher expanded the company’s product line beyond ribbons to include subsidiary company Labelcraft to manufacture printed apparel labels. This required an investment in new machinery. By adapting their existing expertise and industry knowledge, the company turned the competitive challenge into a new business development strategy. And it worked! Hubscher grew into the largest manufacturer in Canada of printed labels for the apparel industry.


Louis Hubscher founded the company in 1949, supplying ribbons and labels to Montreal’s then-thriving garment industry

In 1987, the Labelcraft subsidiary opened a printing plant in nearby Plattsburgh, New York to service the company’s expanding business with the American apparel industry. This proved to be a successful decision, and within eight years; the resulting increase in business enabled a subsequent investment in a new custom-built facility in Statesville, North Carolina in 1995. The new factory included weaving equipment so that the company could produce their fancy and customized ribbons in-house.

Hubscher purchased 50% of Donwalt Industries of Waverly, New York in 1994. Donwalt produces hot stamp printing machines, hot stamp printing ink foils and label tapes. Donwalt was moved into the new Statesville plant in 1995. Having completed the plant construction and filling the order books, Hubscher sold Labelcraft Industries for a profit in 1999. They maintained a 50% interest in Donwalt Industries until 2001.

Recognizing their expertise, the management group then applied their production capabilities of printed decorative ribbons to the cosmetic, gift, craft and packaging industries. By applying the same technology and manufacturing processes to other industries, the company was able to increase their capacity, revenues, and at the same time achieve stability through diversification.

Ivan Hubscher states; “We built this company on service. Strong relationships are very important to us. We’ve always worked closely with our supply chain. We receive excellent service, and that in turn benefits our customers. Similarly, we guide our customers through the design and manufacturing process – to ensure that we meet and surpass their expectations. We don’t just want an order – we want a customer who will be with us for a long time.” Continuing, Ivan notes; “all we do is custom work – every job is unique. We get a lot of business from previous buyers who have changed jobs and gone to another company and subsequently bring us in as a supplier for their new employer.”

The attitude of respect for customers and suppliers is duplicated in the company’s workforce. During a tour of the plant, General Manager David Sasson said; “Most of our employees are long-term. We have people who have been working her for 20, 25 and 30 years.”

 “We always kept our U.S. and Canadian companies separate”

….Ivan Hubscher, President Hubschercorp

In addition to their design and manufacturing capabilities for promotional items and customized packaging, Hubschercorp also offers fulfillment house services for their clients.

Ivan Hubscher, Neil Hubscher and David Sasson and the management and staff of Hubschercorp have responded to the ever changing marketplace in their industry by accepting the challenges as opportunities to adapt and innovate. The result is that the company is celebrating its 70th Anniversary in 2019. Hubschercorp is a Montreal Success Story on all levels; employment, industry leadership, innovation, re-investment and profitability. For more information, please visit: