Step beyond the self

23 dance and theatre shows

On the occasion of the 13th edition of Festival TransAmériques, a refreshing gust of wind will ruffle complacent feathers, calling into question a world that no longer functions. A call for change, indeed revolution—both intimate and spectacular—this whirlwind of 23 contemporary dance and theatre pieces from here and elsewhere will take Montreal by storm from May 22 to June 4, 2019. With 9 world premieres and 11 North American premieres on offer at 13 different venues, FTA audiences will discern the force and sincerity of presentations made by artists from a dozen countries.

“The doubts raised by the times we are living in offer artists an incredible opportunity to venture into realms of liberation and emancipation. Things are changing at a dizzying pace. Stagnation is no longer possible. We must be shaken to the core by a gust of refreshing wind so that we can truly reach out to the Other. Throughout this 13th edition I invite you to step beyond the self, to listen, to adopt another perspective. We will thus be reinvigorated, transformed by contact with the world.”— Martin Faucher, artistic director

The return to Festival stages of a number of artists from abroad is sure to delight Montrealers. From the opening show Tous des oiseaux by Wajdi Mouawad, these reunions will be rich in emotion. Works include a benevolent look at humanity by the Italian artists Daria Deflorian and Antonio Tagliarini (Quasi niente), the sensibility of the documentary approach taken by Stefan Kaegi and Rimini Protokoll (Granma. Trombones de La Havane) and the exuberant extravagance of Marlene Monteiro Freitas (Bacchantes – Prélude pour une purge).

Audiences will discover new lands, thanks to artists making their first appearance at the FTA: the South Korean Jaka Koo (Cuckoo) and the Polish director Anna Karasińska (Fantasia) in theatre, along with the Burkinabé choreographer Serge-Aimé Coulibaly (Kalakuta Republik), the South African Steven Cohen (Put Your Heart Under Your Feet… and Walk!), the Lebanese artist Ali Chahrour (May He Rise and Smell the Fragrance) and the Iranian Sorour Darabi (Savušun) in dance. And Torontonians Evan Webber and Frank Cox O’Connell will take over the revamped St. Jax Church in downtown Montreal to present Other Jesus.

Works by Quebec artists renowned for their highly original styles are also eagerly awaited: Constituons! by Christian Lapointe, CUTLASS SPRING by Dana Michel, Fear and Greed by Frédérick Gravel, Genderf*cker by Pascale Drevillon and Geoffrey Gaquère, Innervision by Martin Messier (a free outdoor show at place des Festivals featuring 60 dancers!), Rather a Ditch by Clara Furey, SOIFS Matériaux by Marie-Claire Blais, Stéphanie Jasmin and Denis Marleau, Speed Glue by Simon Grenier-Poirier and Dorian Nuskind-Oder, This Time Will Be Different by Lara Kramer and Émilie Monnet, and UNFOLD| 7perspectives by Danièle Desnoyers.

The Festival is also presenting remounts of two works by Montreal artists: L’affadissement du merveilleux by Catherine Gaudet and Hidden Paradise by Marc Béland and Alix Dufresne.

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