This March 29 and 30, movie fans can re-experience the film that changed movie-going for an entire generation with a live music twist. Jurassic Park In Concert features the original film, projected on a 32-foot screen, accompanied by a 77-piece symphony orchestra playing every note of composer John Williams’ iconic musical score live, conducted by Evan Mitchell, at Place des Arts.

Jurassic Park was the highest-grossing film of all time in 1993 and won three Academy Awards. Featuring visually stunning imagery and ground-breaking special effects, this epic film is sheer movie magic 65 million years in the making.

Jurassic Park in Concert is presented by Attila Glatz Concert Productions at Place des Arts. Andrea Warren from Glatz Concerts says their production company presents many films with live orchestras, not only in Montreal, but across North America. The company has most recently brought the 4th instalment of the Harry Potter series to Place des Arts. “We choose films that are driven by the music,” she says. “Which means we do a lot of John Williams! He has produced score after score of breath-taking, film-defining music.”

Warren continues, “This movie is so gripping and so action-packed that it’s often easy to get so caught up in the action that you forget the music, at least on a conscious level. But the music is very much shaping what you’re watching—how scared or excited you feel. To see it live in concert with 77 musicians right in front of you, the soundtrack is much more central than it would be if you were just watching it at home.”

The experience Warren wants you to have at Place des Arts is one that recalls the excitement of seeing the film and its incredible, game-changing CGI and other special effects for the first time: “It’s terrifying when the Tyrannosaurus Rex makes his entrance! This is the kind of movie that’s meant to be seen on a big screen in the company of others,” she says. “The excitement of 100 people all reacting to those jump scare moments: that was electric when it first came out in theatres. Now picture that in the company of 3,000 others at Place des Arts!”

The live orchestra element also changes the dynamic of the movie, which means long-time fans will take away a newfound awe after seeing it. When the orchestra is live, it is therefore more noticeable, and as Warren says, “its throbbing and relentless quality in the hunting scenes makes the movie so much scarier and engrossing.”

As Richard Attenborough’s says in the film, “Welcome … to Jurassic Park!”

Jurassic Park In Concert will be at Place des Arts on March 29 & 30. The film will be shown in English with French subtitles. For more information and to purchase tickets, visit or call 514-842-2112

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