The King of Cimbalom

Experience the stunning virtuosity of Alexandru Sura on the cimbalom – the “gypsy piano” typical of Eastern European music – accompanied by brilliant performances on the violin, kobza, and double bass. An opportunity to explore this unique world music repertoire, with tunes played at breakneck speed alongside slow, poignant laments.

The cimbalom is a chordophone in the category of table zithers. The instrument displays a large, trapezoidal box strung with metal strings that are struck with mallets. The first image of a simple struck chordophone is depicted on an Assyrian relief from Kyindjuk, dating back to 3500 before the Common Era. V. Josef Schunda designed and built the first Hungarian concert cimbalom ­– also referred to as the Gypsy piano – in 1874. The concert cimbalom was disseminated to other parts of the Austro-Hungarian Empire such as Romania, the Ukraine, and Moldova.

Franz Liszt included a part for cimbalom in his Ungarischer Sturmmarsch; Zoltán Kodály, in his orchestral suite Háry János; Igor Stravinsky, in his ballet Renard; and Béla Bartók, in his Rhapsody no. 1 for Violin and Orchestra. Other, more recent works by composers such as Pierre Boulez, Peter Maxwell Davies, Peter Eötvös, and György Kurtág have made generous use of the cimbalom in their works.

Alexandru Sura, cimbalom
Veronica Ungureanu, violin
Dumitru Besleaga, kobza (oud)
Roman Manolache, double bass

Saturday, September 1, 2018 at 11:30am

For information and tickets:  514-842-2112 or 1-866-842-2112

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