What started on the fringes and developed over a few years came into a focus in 1977. Iggy, The Ramones, The New York Dolls, The 101ers, The Damned, The Saints, and a few others fueled what would be the explosion. That big bang of punk and alternative music would continue expanding until the present day. London was an epicenter and so was New York, and shortly afterward, LA, San Francisco, Paris, Montreal, Toronto and everywhere there were kids who felt they had to rebel against the status quo.

‘77 was a brilliant and diverse fulmination that shook youth musically, graphically, and socially around the world. The ‘77 music scene impacted the staid Woodstock influenced fashion of the day, injecting a dose of high-intensity adrenaline into the art scene. The kids united, then subdivided into a plethora of sub-genre and suddenly punk was an art form. Goth, ska, electro and new romantic all had beginnings in ’77 bands. The influences of Reggae, Celtic, Blues and R&B were breathed in it and spat out.

’77 MONTREAL seeks to celebrate the quintessence of the alternative music scene and the cultural shifts that have unfolded over the last 40 years with an exhibition and concert. The promoters behind ’77 MONTREAL have been booking punk rock shows in Montreal for over 25 years. From the early days of church basements and clubs to promoting 19 Vans Warped tours and our earliest festivals, Ramp Rage and Sno Jam, our love of the music and the scene has never faded.

For more information and tickets: www.77montreal.com

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