Black Women

Join the first International Black Woman’s Exposition in Montreal, a major event where Black and Mixed women will be celebrated by their influence through time and generations in Quebec, also in Canada and around the world.

The IBWE will enable black and mixed women to have access to targeted services and resources to meet their needs that take into account their cultural and socio-economic situations. IBWE is much more than a salon: it’s an event that will inject a dose of self-esteem and self-improvement towards empowerment thanks to discussion panels, interactive workshops where current topics will be discussed. Black and Mixed women will have the opportunity to express themselves, to exchange, to research, to learn about various points that interest them thanks to the presence of institutions, companies, actors from various social and professionals backgrounds from Quebec, Canada and elsewhere. They will also be able to take advantage of networking spaces that make IBWE an unmissable and rewarding meeting place.

This event celebrates the contributions of the black and mixed women of the past and present who paved the way for for empowerment, as did Viola Desmond, the first black Canadian woman on the $10 banknote. This exposition, IBWE will honor Ms Desmond and chose a theme related to this symbol of courage, strength, determination and dignity: Don’t be scared, DARE!

International Black Women’s Exposition (#IBWE) is :
• A discovery of the world of the black and mixed woman through her eyes;
• An opportunity to access targeted services;
• A resource to meet the needs of black and mixed women, taking into account their cultural and socio-economic situation;
• An encouragement to the success of their integration process.

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