Chromatic Festival

A celebration of Montreal’s creative art scene.

Each spring, the Chromatic Festival takes place in the heart of Montreal. While emphasizing Quebec’s local talent, it’s calling is to provoke connections between artistic communities from here and abroad.

In 2018, the Festival will keep expanding for its 9th edition. Occupying one singular Montreal location, the old École des beaux-arts of Montreal, Chromatic gathers artists, professionals and the greater public around experiences that bind creativity and artistic innovations. An experience orchestrated by Chromatic, is art that resonates amid celebratory and inclusive events.

Founded in 2009 by MASSIVart, Chromatic is first and foremost a creator of cultural experiences. Whether visual, sound-based or digital, we celebrate art in its multiple forms by letting users interpret them according to their own sensitivities. All year, the team deploys a series of events that feature local and international talents in order to let you discover or re-discover new artistic practices. Each spring, the excitement culminates into a multidisciplinary festival where over fifty artists and creators exhibit their work to the public.

For one week, around 50 Montreal and international artists will showcase their work at the old École des beaux-arts of Montreal. To provide better recognition for artists, to help them share their work by acknowledging their art and to be a meeting ground between creators and the ever-curious public, such is the goal of a Chromatic Expo. Whether their work is considered “classic”, such as photography, painting or sculpture, or uses cutting-edge digital technology, the showcased artists will continue to amaze the public.

Chromatic Kids is the family-oriented event held on May 27, 2018. It gathers artists and culture professionals who want to spread their passion of stimulating kids creativity, from 3 to 12 years old. Because the young are our future, access and initiation to the arts must occur early in life. That’s why Chromatic Kids offers parents and their children a chance to participate in a number of workshops for a whole day. Observe, learn, modify and create, everyone gets a chance to let their imagination and creativity fly for an unforgettable family experience.

For full details visit:

Former Montreal School of Fine Arts
3450 Saint-Urbain street
Montreal, QC H2X 2N5, Canada

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