Passiontide Concert

Les Idées heureuses brings to life the musical visions of two holy women: Caterina Vigri (1413-1463), canonized Saint Catherine of Bologna, and Catherine Longpré, also known as the Blessed Mother Catherine of St. Augustine (1632-1668), of the Religious Hospitallers of Saint Joseph. A fine musician, Catherine Longpré arrived in Quebec at the age of 16, while Caterina Vigri is the instigator of the first violin in history to be made as the result of a dream. A copy of this instrument will be heard in this concert.

Preconcert talk at 2 pm
Performers Rebecca Bain, Laura Andriani and Geneviève Soly recount the stories of the protagonist musician saints, and present the plainchant as well as the medieval instruments of the first part of the program (the violetta and the clavicymbalum).

Geneviève Soly, clavicymbalum and organ
Laura Andriani, baroque violin
Marie-Laurence Primeau, viola da gamba
Esteban La Rotta, luth

SCHOLASTICA, Female Vocal Ensemble
Rebecca Bain, direction and soprano
Angèle Trudeau, soprano solo

Friday, March 30th 2018 at 3:00pm
Duration: 1 Hrs 15 Min Without intermission

For tickets and information: 514-285-2000

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