Opéra de Montréal presents

La Cenerentola

by Rossini

My revenge shall be… to forgive!” (Angelina)

Angelina is a servant to her two stepsisters and stepfather. When Prince Ramiro enters her life, she soon gets to trade her broom for a sceptre!

A classic fairy tale, a dazzling composer, an ideal cast.

Acte I
The home of Don Magnifico, Baron of Montefiascone
Angelina (Cenerentola) sings a song about a king who, in searching for a bride, chose a girl for her goodness over her wealth.
Alidoro, the court philosopher, who is disguised as a beggar, knocks at the door. Cenerentola takes pity on him, although her half-sisters, Clorinda and Tisbe, spurn him. Courtiers soon arrive to announce that, on that very evening, at a ball, the Prince will choose a bride. Clorinda and Tisbe argue over who should relate the news to their father and the commotion wakes Don Magnifico from a magnificent dream.  His daughters tell him about the ball and then run off to make themselves beautiful.
Don Ramiro, the prince, enters disguised as his valet, Dandini. Upon seeing Cenerentola, it is love at first sight.  When he questions her about her identity, she answers evasively. Dandini arrives, disguised as the Prince, and Don Magnifico, Clorinda and Tisbe do all they can to make him happy. When Cenerentola asks Don Magnifico’s permission to attend the ball, he refuses, treating her as nothing more than a servant.  The company sets out, leaving Cenerentola behind. Alidoro tells Cenerentola that she will indeed go to the ball but she must not reveal her identity to anyone.

Don Ramiro’s palace
Dandini tells the prince of the effects of their disguises on the baron’s two daughters but Ramiro has already judged Clorinda and Tisbe to be undeserving of his love. When Cenerentola arrives at the ball, everyone is won over by her great beauty, stirring up her step-sisters’ jealousy. Although they notice a resemblance, neither Clorinda nor Tisbe can accept that this woman could possibly be Cenerentola.

Acte II
Don Ramiro’s palace
Don Magnifico has been appointed to the post of Royal Wine Steward. Dandini has fallen for Cenerentola and asks for her hand in marriage but she refuses, confessing that she only truly loves his “valet.” Having overheard, Don Ramiro steps forward and asks Cenerentola to marry him but she says she will accept only after he discovers her true identity; she him a bracelet from her arm and quickly leaves. Don Ramiro then assumes his rightful role as the Prince. Don Magnifico demands that Dandini make a choice between Clorinda and Tisbe but he confesses that he is only a valet.

Don Magnifico’s castle
The Baron, Clorinda and Tisbe return home and vent their frustration on Cenerentola who does indeed resemble the mysterious lady at the ball. Outside, a storm is raging, brought on by Alidoro’s incantations. Dandini and the Prince, whose carriage has overturned, must take refuge at the baron’s home. When Don Ramiro enters, he sees that Cenerentola is wearing a bracelet that matches his… and so the knot begins to unravel. When the Prince and Cenerentola declare their love and depart together, Alidoro is left with Clorinda and Tisbe to settle accounts.

The throne room of Prince Ramiro’s palace
The new princess, Cenerentola, whose goodness has made her forget her family’s injustices, asks the prince to forgive Don Magnifico, Clorinda, and Tisbe.

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