The Great Wizardry Fest

A free event for the whole family

The kids of Montreal are needed to help fight the Trouble-Fête! They are our only hope to save the city from the clutches of this evil creature!

That’s why the PDA’s Esplanade will be transformed into a wizardy village, where a battalion of wizards-in-the-making can learn how to prepare for this mighty feat by taking part in an array of activities. Magic wand-making, a spooky carousel, face painting, a pumpkin museum, an enchanted forest and more are all on the program.

Children will receive a passport that gives them access to the apprentice wizard workshops. Once they have completed all the activities and their passports have been stamped, these newly-trained sorcerers will be ready to face the creature and, hopefully, put it back to sleep once again.

After that, the Great Wizardry Parade will begin, with floats and wizards making their way toward the Trouble-Fête at the Place des Festivals. To thank the children for their precious help on this important mission, they will be treated to a show by Les Petites Tounes.

Adults and kids alike, come show off your best Halloween costumes!

12:30 pm: Bewitched Village opens
3:00 pm: Little wizards and little witches Parade
4:00 pm: Show by Les Petites Tounes

For more information: 514-842-2112 or 1-866-842-2112