Gardens of Light

This year Gardens of Light includes a new lighted path through the Botanical Garden’s three cultural gardens, each looking at nature from a different perspective.

Chinese Garden

The Chinese dragon is a beneficial yet dangerous creature living in the heart of the oceans and clouds. The dragon, symbolizing China, will be the star of the 25th edition of the lantern festival in the Chinese Garden. It will be accompanied by its nine offspring, protecting the newly restored pavilions. And around them will be flying red-crowned cranes, symbolizing the longevity of the friendship between Montreal and Shanghai.

Gardens of Light

© Jardin botanique de Montréal (Michel Tremblay)

Japanese Garden

The Japanese pay close attention to the cycle of the seasons and take the time to admire the subtle or spectacular changes that occur in nature. This fall, discover the Japanese Garden in the evening, when the soft lighting reveals the plants’ colours and textures and emphasizes the elegance of the pavilions and the harmony of the site. Stroll through a series of scenes in this peaceful garden, as fall steals in.

Gardens of Light

© Espace pour la vie (Claude Lafond)

First Nations Garden

The First Nations Garden is joining the Gardens of Light event this year by illuminating the Sacred Tree, a giant poplar, with different colours representing the Circle of Life, a symbol of the journey through the seasons and nature’s constant changes. A soundtrack will evoke the beating heart of Mother Earth and will be accompanied by a projection of a fire, a symbol of communication between earthly and celestial forces. They come together in the tree, through its branches and roots.

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