Ancient Future 2017

A unique event in a parallel universe

Ancient Future, an innovative electronic music festival where freedom and creativity prevail, is back for its second edition! Prepare for a timeless journey combining music, visual arts and multidisciplinary performances to create an unforgettable experience only limited by your imagination.

Ancient Future is a festival conscious of minimizing its impact on the environment. This is why an eco-responsible system is put in place from the conception to the dismantling of the festival. In order to limit our carbon footprint, all of our suppliers are from Quebec and have been chosen to limit travel-related shipments. Additionally, we strongly encourage festival-goers to use public transportation instead of cars — especially in the Old Port, it’s cheaper and it’s greener! In order to limit waste, some of the furniture from previous editions will also be reused for this new edition. Selective sorting bins (composting, recycling, waste) will be present on the entire site, as well as reusable eco-cups with a refundable deposit will be distributed at the purchase of each beverage. Finally, the Ancient Future festival draws all its energy sources from a 100% hydroelectric production (no generators are allowed on the site).

Just like us, be aware of the imprint you leave … “LEAVE NO TRACE!”

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