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with Annakin Slayd, Montreal Rhapsody Orchestra, Nicola Wolitz, Hanora

After more than a decade together on the road, this incarnation of Styx is looking forward to performing as many shows as it can as long as it can. “It all comes back to the chemistry,” says bassist/vocalist Ricky Phillips. “The legacy of this band will be that it brought joy to millions of people,” notes drummer Todd Sucherman. Observes keyboardist/vocalist Lawrence Gowan, “We’ve always tried to explain why this is this happening. It’s obviously a multitude of factors, but the main one is that our show is really good! And if it’s really good, they’re going to come to see it again.” Styx hopes it’s a wave that never crests. “Every night, we go on that magic carpet ride together,” observes original bassist Chuck Panozzo, who joins the band on tour as often as he can. “Music is this amazing force that comes from a higher place. I’m humbled for this band to have the great success that it has,” says co-founding guitarist/vocalist James “JY” Young. “We just want to keep on doing this,” asserts Tommy. “We want to let life take its course and let this music continue to be the soundtrack to it. And this band will continue to evolve as long as we live and play this music.” The jig is up, the news is out: The Esprit de Styx is alive and well, and now it’s time to see for yourself. Welcome to the Grand Evolution.

Strangers in the Night 13 is a unique charity gourmet gala, welcoming you to an amazing and memorable evening for great causes.

The CF Fairview Pointe Claire parking lot will be transformed into a virtual hall under the stars, where over 200 tables will be set under enormous tents.

Mark Your Calendars! Friday, August 25th, 2017 is the date. Early arrival passes get you in at 5:30pm, and the party doesn’t stop until early morning!

Miriam Foundation, Cure SMA and the West Island Woman’s Shelter are three non profit organizations dedicated to helping sick children and families in crisis.

Doors open at 5:30pm for VIP Tables and 6:30pm for regular tables to gourmet gala with complimentary food services by over 75 of Montreal’s best restaurants until 8:30pm.
Show: 9:00pm

For tickets and information visit:

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