Expo 67: A world of dreams

To mark the 375th anniversary of Montreal and the 50th anniversary of Expo 67, the Museum will present this new exhibition which draws on the technological innovations featured at the pavilions and the dreams that became a reality at 1967’s International and Universal Exhibition, a historical global event.

To mark the 50 anniversary of Expo 67, the Stewart Museum offers a historical walk to discover the island of Ste-Hélène, its trails, and its history.
Join the visit “St. Helen’s Island: From the British Arsenal to Expo 67”.*
This 75-minutes outdoor walk from the Museum to the Biosphere, requires a good physical condition and suitable shoes. Places limited to 25 participants, on-site reservation only.
*Canceled in case of rain

In the heart of a scenography inspired by the architectural geometry of Habitat 67, video archives completely immerse visitors in the festive spirit of Expo 67. The exhibition also uses video mapping, a technology that can project images onto three-dimensional surfaces.

Virtual reality adds to the experience, allowing everyone to explore the iconic film In the Labyrinth in the eponymous pavilion. Visitors also delve into the humanist vision of Expo 67 through a manuscript by Gabrielle Roy. In 1963, the Canadian novelist took part in a conference at Montebello which brought together personalities from the artistic and intellectual world who were behind the different themes of the world’s fair. The exhibition ends on a more personal and nostalgic note with slides and artefacts from Expo 67 belonging to three Montreal collectors, who tell their stories through audio tracks.
The trail ends on a more personal and nostalgic note in presenting slides and artefacts of the time, belonging to three Montreal collectors, who will deliver their testimony by means of audio tracks.The exhibition will plunge visitors into a circuit that includes, among others, immersive installations erected as an array of worlds to discover and explore.

Presented on St. Helen’s Island, the original Expo 67 site, the exhibition will bring this memorable adventure back to life while winning over visitors from all generations.

For more information visit: www.stewart-museum.org

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