Zoofest & OFF JFL

Zoofest is a new festival spotlighting emerging talents with alternative programming including comedy, theatre, music and other genres. Its purpose is to create a wild adventure and unique experiences.

The festival is a multi-genre and international event. Focusing on eclectic programming, Zoofest is the off the wall parallel to Just For Laughs. Scouting teams examine artistic productions from all around the world, but only keep the craziest. They will be then seen by some of the most influential people in the industry.

Beyond the diversity and the creativity of the Montreal scene, this city welcomes a curious audience, who is particularly adventurous, open to all forms of art and bi-lingual.

Programming is not limited to any artistic genre, and organizers are keen on bringing international talents over. Local artists are well represented, but artists from the United States, Spain, UK and France are also welcomed.

For more information visit: www.zoofest.com

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