Battle Of The Bands

Performing on stage for the first time in Montreal, the Xavier Cugat Orchestra will challenge the defending champions, the Cab Calloway Orchestra, to win the prestigious trophy of the Battle of the Bands IX!

Xavier Cugat Orchestra:  Since 1933 when the Xavier Cugat Orchestra took the stage at the Starlight Roof of the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York City, this wall of sound has been a mainstay of Latin Music in America. Their style and arrangements are immediately recognizable and loved by fans. Featuring the original Cugat arrangements, gorgeous Cugat-style costumes and the superb dancing of Tango Romantico, this production leaves one deliciously out of breath and begging for more!

Cab Calloway Orchestra: The Calloway family has been dazzling audiences since the 1920’s and this year is no exception. Calloway Brooks, along with the Cab Calloway Orchestra deliver both the authentic sound of a hot Jazz Orchestra and a snazzy stage style-bringing out a Jump, Blues, and Boogie experience of “Swing that is king and Jive that’s alive”. Many of the current Calloway Orchestra musicians have performed with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, Count Basie and other authentic 16-piece big band orchestras. Using the Calloway bands original vintage orchestrations as a starting point, coupled with the awesome musicians who have played with this big band for decades, The Cab Calloway Orchestra creates the authentic unforgettable sensation of a Modern Jazz Orchestra in full flight.

The Battle of The Bands takes place on Friday, July 7 (7pm) at Maison Symphonique. Tickets: or 514-842-2112.

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