Shoppers Drug Mart Run for WOMEN

The SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. Run for Women is a national event series, held in 15 cities across Canada in support of women’s mental health programs. Year after year, participants and their families help raise money that directly benefits local women’s mental health programs. Moreover, the SHOPPERS LOVE. YOU. Run for Women is about feeling good. Did you know, numerous studies have shown that aerobic exercise that raises your heart rate for at least 25 minutes can have the same effect on your brain chemistry as antidepressant drugs and structured talk therapy1? We want to celebrate this effective method of anxiety and depression management, which is why we put on 15 run/walk events across the country!

What are the Distances?
5k walk or run
10 run only
1k Little Steps (ages 12 and under)

Living with mental health challenges is hard; living with the stigma and lack of tools to manage mental health challenges is even harder. Each year, we bring awareness and raise money for women’s mental health programs in local communities while advocating the general positive affects of exercise on mental health wellness. Studies have shown that women are three times more likely than men to suffer from depression. Research indicates that one in four women will experience some form of depression in their lifetime. With millions of women bravely facing mental health challenges every day, we need your help to create a positive impact in their lives while using exercise to manage your own general mental health wellness. Did you know that PET scans indicate that running can increase the level of serotonin in the brain, which is a key treatment for depression1?

For more information or to register for the run visit:

1 Dr. Valerie Taylor, Chief of Psychiatry at Women’s College Hospital

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