Shay Kuebler Radical System Art – Danse Danse


A compelling and remarkably inventive stage performer, Shay Kuebler creates hybrid works that combine dance, martial arts and theatricality. In Telemetry he has imagined the body as an antenna and satellite for sound, energy and memory, a body that translates and transmits that information into visceral physicality and precise movement. His raw, acrobatic language animates an energetic dance pollinated by jazz,swing, tap dance and house music. Technique is driven by instinct; order and chaos are in harmony. In a dynamic dialogue with the lighting, the choreographer and his 6 dancers, transforming the stage into a playground where dance is reinvented. Terrifically intense.

“Kuebler uses his powerful physicality to pass as a body builder and shines with
exuberant stage personality.” − Dance Current, Toronto

Length: 1 h
Meet the artists: April 21

For more information and tickets:

Reduced rate for ages 30 and under: available at the Place des Arts box office or at 514-842-2112 – 1-866-842-2112

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