Dixie Chicks

“It’s easier to write songs that are about other people,” says Natalie Maines. “It’s much harder to put yourself out there, but the songs are so much better and mean so much more when you can let yourself be vulnerable, and be honest with your emotions and your beliefs.” Of course, that’s a subject that the Dixie Chicks know a few things about, since their first album, hits such as “Wide Open Space” and “Cowboy Take Me Away have stirred emotions in fans across the world making them one of the biggest bands of our time. Not just “big for a country band” or “big for a big female band,” the Dixie Chicks are a multi-platinum selling act in North America, Europe and Australia.

They are one of a mere handful of acts with multiple albums achieving “diamond” status (meaning sales over 10 million copies) – both WIDE OPEN SPACES (1998) and FLY (1999) hit that stratospheric landmark – and over the years have won thirteen Grammy awards. Their on-stage reputation has helped them sell over $100 million worth of concert tickets, and outspoken songs like “Goodbye, Earl” and “Not Ready To Make Nice” made it clear that this power trio played by nobody’s rules. Superstars, renegades, innovators, heroes, villains, and moms – for over a decade, the Dixie Chicks have grown from a band into a phenomenon, with over 30 million albums sold, Dixie Chicks are the biggest selling female band of all time in the U.S.

VH1 Storytellers (DVD) – Nov. 11, 2011
The Essential Dixie Chicks – Aug. 24, 2010
Taking The Long Way – May 23, 2006
Top of the World (Live) – Nov. 25, 2003
Top of the World (DVD) – Nov. 25, 2003
An Evening With The Dixie Chicks (DVD) – Feb. 11, 2003
Home – Aug. 27, 2002 Fly – Aug. 31, 1999
Wide Open Spaces – Jan. 23, 1998

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