OSM Pop Series

Brel Symphonic

A conductor, a brilliant and inventive orchestrator and as much a devotee of Brel’s as anybody, Simon Leclerc has been entrusted with the honor of taking a new look at this giant of French-language song. Quite the challenge, which he’ll be endeavoring to meet with help from the voices, talent, and stage presence of such gifted performers as Bïa, Luc De Larochelière, Pierre Flynn, Marc Hervieux, Catherine Major, Danielle Oddera, Bruno Pelletier, Paul Piché, Diane Tell and Marie-Élaine Thibert, brought together around the Orchestra for a trio of concerts that promise to be memorable. With first-time-ever nuance-filled orchestrations, their performance will lend new scope to the immense achievement of “Grand Jacques.”

Orchestre symphonique de Montréal
Simon Leclerc, conductor
Bïa, singer
Bruno Pelletier, singer
Paul Piché, singer
Luc De Larochellière, singer
Pierre Flynn, singer
Marie-Élaine Thibert, singer
Diane Tell, singer
Danielle Oddera, singer
Marc Hervieux, singer
Catherine Major, singer

For more information and tickets: www.placedesarts.com 514-842-2112 or 1-866-842-2112

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