Minus One

Contemporary dance

By Ohad Naharin

Ode to the dancer — From wild expressionism to pure abstraction

Minus One draws on seven of Naharin’s previous works — Zachacha, Sabotage Baby, Black Milk, Passomezzo, Anaphaza, Queens of Golub and Mabul — to create a single work that’s far beyond a collage.

Complex, meticulously crafted, the ballet’s component parts ingeniously interlock to produce what can only be called alchemy. In this explosive homage to dance and dancers, members of Naharin’s troupe speak as part of the piece, each taking turns dancing a solo to a recording of their own voice in which they share personal anecdotes and describe their relationship to dance. To a propulsive soundtrack that alternates between traditional and pop songs, baroque pieces, world rhythms and original compositions, 26 dancers perform with dazzling speed, jumping and twirling, pausing to give way to slower, hypnotic — but equally inspired — moves before resuming their infectious velocity.

In a rare festive atmosphere, the dancers abandon themselves joyously to the dance, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Daringly orchestrated, their gestures are by turns merry, contemplative, comical or perfectly synchronized, full of grace, agility and humour. Minus One highlights Naharin’s extravagant energy, provocative and unpredictable choreography, and rich musical sensibility.

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