L’Orchestre de Jeux Vidéo

Orchestre de Jeux VidéoBe ready to hear the best of video games music as you have never heard it before. On February 4th 2017, the only orchestra in Quebec that exclusively plays video game soundtracks for now close to ten years will bring its finesse tainted heroism to Maison symphonique. This concert promises to be packed with classics, from Zelda to Undertale, along with Final Fantasy, Super Smash Bros., Chrono Trigger and much more! No microphones, no amplification, only passionate interpreters of video music and the epic beauty of this repertoire in the unique atmosphere of L’Orchestre de Jeux Vidéo!

For more information and tickets: www.placedesarts.com  514-842-2112 or 1-866-842-2112

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